Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.0

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Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.0

Bài gửi by ASSASSiN on Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:21 pm

Want to change the looks of your Windows XP and make it look like the upcoming Microsoft Longhorn? This is another brand new release of the one and only Longhorn Transformation Pack. This small piece of software will transform your Windows XP (and SP2) or Windows Server 2003 into the best looking Longhorn port that is available right now, without any extra software! Changes in Version X
-Added 64-bit operating system blocking (no working method on 32-bit process right now)
-Added few delay (about 2.5 seconds) in some tasks to make it done before doing next task (which I assume it solve some issues)
-Added localized operation system support (works on every language files!)
-Added Longhorn M9 Bliss, Keynote Glass and Keynote Grass wallpapers
-Added Longhorn PDC screensaver
-Added new 6 Longhorn fonts from build 5048
-Added Windows Server 2003 SP1 support for patching uxtheme.dll
-Added Windows XP 16-bit application execution fix in some cases that found this issue
-Fixed failing to apply SideBar skins bug
-Fixed failing to check previous service pack before transforming issues
-Fixed first-run transforming insecure operations
-Fixed losing transforming information after transforming bug
-Fixed patching system files to run in first-run transforming
-Fixed restoring original folder sources name bug in "Previous operation imcompleted." process
-Fixed taskkill.exe error by adding taskkill.exe file into program
-Remove precaching files replacement (I added delay now so what's worth for it?)
-Replaced M5 boot screen with WinHEC boot screen
-Temporary remove MSN Messenger 7 Longhorn skins
-Updated some Longhorn boot screen resources from build 5048
-Updated Longhorn icons from build 5048
-Updated Longhorn SideBar 5.0 Update
|-Added SideBar application core with the follow updates
||-Apply skins and clocks from tray
||-Built-in transparency support
||-No more active desktop to slow down your PC
||-No more background icon transparent and 32-bit icon problems in XP/2003
||-SideBar Docking support (take up workspace)
||-To show SideBar, double click tray icon
||-Toggle Show/Hide SideBar
|-Added Western (By Scott Eichelberger)
|-Corrected month December in Tile mode
|-Updated memo to be direct editable memo in program
|-Updated SideBar gui displaying code
|-Updated slideshow to search for all files and display it (read notes.txt)
-Updated Start Panel text image in Classic mode
-Updated Transformation mode instructions
-Updated WinHEC progress dialog and Logon to WinHEC2005 (build 5048)
-Updated WinHEC toolbarbutton in small button mode like 5048 (same back/forward size)

Download: Longhorn Transformation Pack v10.0

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